Bear Care

by Jimtheillustrator

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This album is the first set of recordings I ever made. I borrowed an 8 track tape recorder from my friend Leon, and I just got completely obsessed with it and what it could do. It was so much fun. I only had an electric/acoustic guitar and an organ at hat point so I had to improvise with percussion by hitting the microphone or touching the input on my guitar with the lead.
Recorded in my bedroom and my bathroom in Brighton 2003.


released February 21, 2013

All songs written and performed by Jim Stoten.


all rights reserved



Jimtheillustrator London, UK

I make music in my flat.

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Track Name: My Life Since I Left Education
My life since I left education
Has taken a turn for the worse
It's been years since I felt jubilation
And everyday just feels like the first

I walk around with my head in my hands now
With my tail wedged betwixt my legs
I want to journey to far away lands now
I want to get right away from the dregs

Dog in a box
Got lost on his way back home
Take care of and feed
Don't leave all alone
Track Name: Make Some Calls
Make some calls, stare at the walls
It's good to be back home
Fix the roof, tell the truth
Check the seeds to see if they have grown

Walk the dog, go down the pub
It's bad to be alone
Make a din, live in sin
Drink some rum, become an awful bore

Hip hooray, now you can say
That I'm going far away
Toe to toe but I know
The dog who clapped his hands
Track Name: Laugh
Laugh. Is that all you can do
Joke, about what I done to you
Smile, and the world will smile with you
Laugh, and the world will laugh
Track Name: In A House On A Hill
In a house on a hill, where the daffodils grow
In the place where I was born
A fearless soldier of giant proportions
Is calling up a storm

He bellows, he shouts, he flutters, he pouts
And he's screaming out my name
Oh Jim! Oh Jim!
Please don't you be seen in the place with the sky full of knives

His skirt rides up and from under it he pulls
Shiny demons from under his skin
The demons they smell and his voice it does swell
And it hurts when he reaches for high notes
Track Name: Jim Is Going Out Tonight
Terry's got a brand new car
It looks just like a Jaguar
Leather seats and furry dice
And all the girls they think it's nice

Harri's gone and done her hair
To make herself look more like Cher
She bought some leather knee high boots
And hangs around with sailors

Larry's rich, he's off his tits
He's drinking whiskey at the Ritz
Mel, his wife, has got a knife
And says that she will use it

Sharon's kids have flown the nest
They've all gone out to do their best
Stealing cars and robbing banks
They've nicked the wheels from armored tanks

Jim is going out tonight
With make up on and fish net tights
Billy takes offense to this
And kicks him in the...

Barry's got a little boy
He takes him out and buys him toys
He's trying to get him in to footie
The boy's more interested in nookie

Sheila wants to have a laugh
She runs herself a nice hot bath
Then she turns the lights down low
And dreams of Barry Manilow

Billy's bought a brand new dog
He takes it down the local pub
He asks it which horse comes in first
The dog soon leaves in a little hurse
Track Name: I Say No
What do you say to living with me babe?
What do you say to having some fun?
What do you say to living with me babe?
What do you say to having some fun?

I say No.
I say No.
I say No, get away from me.

What do you say to having a good time?
What do you say to having some fun?
What do you say to having a good time?
What do you say to having some fun?

I say No.
I say No.
I say No get away from me.

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